Sunday, December 15, 2013

What's for Lunch...

I am a flake and forgot to post on Friday.

My son begged to buy lunch because it was pizza day so I let him buy it with the understanding that this coming week he wouldn't be able to buy it.

Here is what my daughter had for lunch...

Organic Puffed Corn Cereal- for some reason my kids love this which is good because it has no added sugar, salt, etc. It is simply just puffed corn- not exactly my cup of tea but if they want it great!

Pretzels- I don't buy organic pretzels but I do buy certified gmo free ones. I try to save money where I can and sometimes going with gmo free is the best I can do.

Organic Fruit Strip

Organic Yogurt- love these silicone tubes (here are the ones I have)! I've even put applesauce in them before and I plan on making frozen juice pops with them this summer.

Organic Applesauce Cup


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