Thursday, December 12, 2013

What's for Lunch...

Today's lunch...

Organic Morning O's Cereal- my son is an addict.

Organic Fruit Strip- this was leftover from his lunch yesterday, maybe he'll eat it today.

Clementines and an Organic Granny Smith Apple- he just wanted the clementine but I thought I would add the apple to mix thing up a bit. To keep it from getting brown I soak the slices in a bowl of cold water mixed with salt for a few minutes. I dry them off and then ta-da, non brown apple slices.

Veggie Straw Chips- I bought these as a treat for my two year old at the store yesterday (hey, at least they are way better than the candy she originally wanted). They are super yummy and a tad bit better for you than regular potato chips.

Organic Apple Juice- my daughter is constipated (tmi, I know) and instead of giving her Miralx like the doctor wanted (not a fan of using laxatives on a child unless completely necessary) I decided that juice and lots of water would be better. As of today she is doing fine but now we have a bottle of apple juice to use up.

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