Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What's for Lunch...

This is what I packed for my son's lunch today...

Organic Morning O's Cereal- he is obsessed with this cereal which on one hand is great because it's good for him (and gets him to ingest milk which he will not drink on its own) but on the other hand this stuff is expensive and we've been going through a box a week. It is the only gmo free/organic cereal he will eat, believe me I have tried many other brands.

Clementines- again. 

Organic Fruit Strip

Water- I've decided to not buy juice boxes anymore. I know I'm no fun, but the organic ones are expensive and I don't kind juice to be all that nutritious. Water is good for you and practically free- what's not to love?

Annie's Cheddar Bunnies- these are for his morning snack.

And now my daughter's lunch...

Organic Jelly on Homemade Bread- she wanted a heart shape so I happily obliged.

Clementines- I'm so glad I bought a five pound box of these.

Organic Fruit Strip- this fruit strip is better than the other one because it actually uses the fruit pulp and seeds whereas the one I gave my son is just jelly like (he will not tough this brand of fruit strip with a 10 foot pole).

Organic Yogurt- I love using these silicone tubes for yogurt- they make it almost like the squeezable yogurt you buy in the stores plus this way is a lot cheaper. I started using these when I realized the organic squeezable yogurts I was buying had carrageenan in them which is something that could possibly be harmful. It just goes to show even if you are buying organic you still need to read labels carefully.

Annie's Cheddar Bunnies (in the reusable snack bag)

Water- my daughter loves water, she actually chooses it over juice when given the chance. She is a weird kid sometimes.

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