Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What's for Lunch...

I am going to start posting what I give my kids for lunch each day. I feel like showing the world (and by world I mean the few hundred people who read this blog every day) what I pack will hold me accountable and perhaps even get me out of the lunch rut I'm in.

Right now I have two kids who take lunches to school. My son is in first grade and goes to school Monday through Friday and my daughter is in preschool and goes on Wednesdays and Fridays. I pack their lunches everyday though I do allow my son to buy school lunch every couple of weeks- I hate school lunch and think it is super unhealthy but he loves it and it's a special treat for him.

Typically I try to buy as much organic food as possible and I also try to make as much food from scratch as possible, which is reflected in what I send my kids to school with. After seeing a few of these you will soon be able to tell that my son likes to eat the same thing everyday and that my daughter is a little less boring.

Today for my son's lunch I packed:

Organic Jelly on Homemade Bread (it's supposed to be a snowman and a candy cane)- I make my own sandwich bread and have been for awhile. I actually can't even remember when the last time I bought a loaf of bread was. Before you go thinking I'm some crazy good homemaker you need to know I have a bread machine. All I do is dump the ingredients into it, push some buttons and a few hours later I have a fresh loaf of bread. It is was cheaper and way more convenient then buying from the store.

Clementines- these, granny smith apples and beets are the only produce my son will eat right now. It is so annoying but I guess I should be happy that he at least eats those.

Organic Chocolate Milk- I don't buy chocolate milk because it is expensive and I don't let my kids have it often enough to buy a jug. I do buy organic chocolate syrup though

Organic Fruit Strip- this is for his snack. Usually he takes crackers but he didn't want to today and this was the other other thing I had that he liked.

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