Thursday, December 5, 2013


shopping list - letterpress printed
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Do you ever make a menu plan for the week and think "wow, I am just so organized".

That's how I felt this week until I went into my chest freezer to get ground beef for tacos- it turns out I didn't have any ground beef left! I ended up having to use frozen hamburger patties, which is still ground beef but I was annoyed.

I swore I had oodles of beef but I guess I am losing my mind, which is not surprising since my three kids think it is amusing to drive me crazy

Tonight I was going to make pasta (gluten free for me) with meatballs (using homemade gluten free bread crumbs) but I have no ground beef so it looks like it will be a good old just pasta and homemade focaccia bread night.

I am writing "ground beef" on my shopping list for my upcoming trip to Whole Foods- hopefully I don't forget my list at home. That seems to be how I've been rolling lately.

Can anyone relate to feeling like their brain has gone to mush?

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