Thursday, December 5, 2013

Shopping List Musings...

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I'm making my shopping list right now and I am trying to keep it simple.

We have plenty of meat in the chest freezer (except for ground beef which I'll be picking up tomorrow), plenty of snacks for the kids in the pantry and plenty of the basic staples that I always like to keep on hand. The only things we *need* are produce, milk (we have none in the house right now), eggs (I have been eating poached eggs almost everyday- yum), yogurt and frozen produce. I am feeling like I could possibly spend under $100 tomorrow when I go to Whole Foods, which would be super awesome.

But, then there are the things I want to buy and perhaps could even be put into the *need* category. I really want to make a huge batch of chili so that I have something else I can eat for lunch- it is gluten free, healthy and freezes really well. I have a few of the ingredients on hand but everything else I need (including two pounds of ground beef) will most likely add $15 to my total. $15 is a lot of money when you are trying to not spend a lot of money and I wouldn't feel bad if it were something the whole family liked but my family hates chili (except for my two year old who loves it). If I make it, it would be just for me and I hate spending money on things just for me. On the other hand, I am gluten and dairy free so having healthy foods on hand is instrumental in me succeeding in my new lifestyle (and keeping me from getting sick). I'll have to decide when I'm actually in the store and I see how much everything else is going to set me back.

Orange Juice is another thing on the want list. I do enjoy a glass in the morning and it is the only thing that makes my wheat grass powder edible but honestly, I can do without it. My son also likes orange juice but I really don't like my kids drinking juice at all- I guess I can tell him if he wants orange juice he can suck the juice out of the bag of clementines I am going to buy. If I forgo the orange juice that will save me $4 (I only buy the organic now because I've read some stuff I don't like about other kinds). We also only have one juice box left and I don't plan on buying anymore so it looks like my son is going to be water boy for the foreseeable future (my daughter only takes water for her preschool lunch because she prefers it over juice- she is so different from my son).

Oh yes, I have thought of one more need- something for me to snack on! I'll most likely buy some organic tortilla chips and peanuts and maybe something else if it looks yummy and isn't too junky. I should start snacking on more veggies so I guess I could throw in some celery or something, but how I hate prepping veggies for snacking. I am not going to be buying the junky boxed gluten free snacks because I know they won't taste like there gluten free counterparts and they are stinking expensive! I figure if I have a snack on hand that I can eat I will stop drooling over the kids crackers- I swear when I look at the boxes I can taste the crackers. The gluten withdrawal symptoms are starting to hit me hard.

Well, here was me letting you in on my thought process when I'm making a grocery list. And what will most likely come of the list I'm making is that I will leave it at home by accident, have to use my memory to buy everything I think was on the list (plus a giant bag of potato chips because they are yummy) and then get home to realize I forgot the things we needed the most. So is my life :)

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