Tuesday, December 24, 2013

No Gluten, No Dairy, No Fun?

This photo has been my life food wise lately.

Last night I was super hungry even though I had a yummy dinner of quinoa pasta with sauce and a salad and I had absolutely no food to munch on. Well, there were potato chips in the pantry that my husband bought but I am trying to avoid those as they make me feel a little sick so they were a no go.

I got creative and got an organic corn tortilla out of my fridge, topped it with plain tomato sauce I had in the freezer (I spiced it up with some salt, pepper and garlic powder) and some chopped onions, green peppers and mushrooms from the freezer.

It was actually very good! I put the tortilla in the oven first to get it crispy and then I added all of the toppings. Now my mind is swimming with other topping I can freeze so I can have quick snacks.

Even though it was a yummy snack it is still a little depressing that I can't eat the things I used to. How I would love to eat a hunk of bread or chow down on some chips. It is even harder that it is the holidays. I've cheated and had some chips and fudge at a party we went to but other than that have stuck to my guns with the gluten and dairy free thing. What really stinks is that even after a holiday meal I am still hungry because there are just not a lot of options for me to eat- nothing is worse than having a bountiful meal in front of you and still being hungry.

Even with this though I am still so happy that I have decide to go down this path. I feel great and feeling great is worth more than eating food that can make me sick. I also feel great because I am proud of myself for knowing something was wrong with me and then doing what I had to to fix it- I do have will power!

Don't feel too bad for me though because I can't have much delicious holiday food to eat- right now I am making some gluten and dairy free snicker doodle cookies to take to a get together at my husband's aunt's house tonight so at least I will be able to indulge a little. Cross your fingers that they some out good!

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