Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Is It Time to Take the Tree Down Yet?

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I am so ready for Christmas to be here and be over.

I am not being a scrooge, I am just getting so sick of my toddler grabbing ornaments off of the tree and throwing them around or hiding them. They're not breakable so I'm not worried about her getting hurt or damaging anything, I just like to have my tree stay as is for the holiday season. It looked wonderful when we first decorated it and now I swear it looks like we closed our eyes and just threw ornaments at it. Well, at least the bottom part looks like this- the part of the tree that is out of her reach still looks great.

We did put a gate up but unfortunately it is not big enough to make a two foot diameter around the tree (man, toddlers have a long reach) and our living room would be a tad bit crowded if we went that route. Plus I could see the situation turning into her devising a plan to either go over the gate or somehow know it down using her pink shopping cart as a battering ram.

I guess I am just going to have to live with Jilly's new hobby. I think I can make it until Christmas without going crazy, and throwing ball ornaments around does make her so happy. Hopefully by next year she'll be over it but if not I guess we'll only be decorating the top two feet of our tree.

Kids make everything interesting.

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