Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Anyone doing anything exciting today?

I have a whole list of things I want to get done and I'll hopefully accomplish all of them since my husband is home all day and we are down to only two kids (Alli, my four year old, is in the midst of a  three night sleepover at my parent's house).

Here is what I am planning on doing (and I'll be doing everything in super comfy yoga pants because days like today are not indicative to wearing jeans)...

-change sheets on all beds (with the holiday hub bub I have not done this in awhile)
-make a loaf of bread (I just throw all ingredients into the bread maker- so easy)
-list some cloth diapers Jilly doesn't use anymore (some GMD workhorses and Rumparooz pocket diapers)
-wash a load of cloth diapers (my most favorite laundry to do)
-put away the two basketfuls of clean laundry I folded last night
-open the rest of the kid's Christmas presents
-clip coupons so I can give the inserts to my mom when she drops of Alli tomorrow (then Tyler gets to go for a three night sleepover- I love school vacations!)
-make chicken/turkey stock (I got some turkey wings at home foods for .60 cents a pound yesterday- I think turkey makes the best stock. I'll be mixing it with some chicken carcasses I have in the freezer and some carrot, onion and celery ends I have in the freezer)
-make a menu plan for the following week

I'm sure I'll think of other things to do or not get everything done on my list because I'll get sidetracked with those other things but it's still good to have a plan.

Oh yes, and today is also my husband's birthday. He is 31 years old and can I just say that it is so weird that we have officially known each other for more than half of our lives (we met in high school). We're not doing anything special because we are broke but maybe we'll use a little of our holiday money to get some take-out and rent a movie- the most important thing though is that my husband and I are together on this special day and that we still love each other as much, or even more, than ever.

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