Monday, December 16, 2013

Guest Post- Netflix in Canada

Okay folks- here is a guest post, enjoy!

Netflix has been around since 1997 and it was founded by a team of man of letters named Marc Randolph, Reed Hastings and Mitch Lowe, all from Scotts Valley, California. With their expertise in software creation and love for television entertainment, they have come up with the idea of Netflix, which became a widespread phenomenon for its framework of online video streaming. The site is not available for all to enjoy and is only exclusive for the USA, Canada, the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. And another sad reality is that the full access version is only available for US subscribers.

On the brighter side of the story, there are ways you can trick the system and gain full access to Netflix USA. Even if you’re in Canada, there isn’t much to worry about knowing that you can actually enjoy Netflix the same way American subscribers. In order to know how, continue reading.

Get Registered to Blockless

Blockless is simply synonymous to VPN hosting sites. The thing is just that it is a lot better in its own way. For one, it is fairly convenient because you don’t really have to do any other decision making as to what host you want to use. All you really have to do is register and then you can start walking through the online world with all the privileges an American netizen could get.

How to Get Hooked to Blockless

The process is very simple. The first thing you do is to enter your email and then verify it, followed by a password creation step thereafter. Once you have done these three steps, you will automatically be granted with the 7 day free trial.

How much do I have to pay?

Truth is, you wouldn’t be worrying about that because it would only cost minutes of what you earn in everyday. Yes, it would only be for $4.95 and that would be on a monthly basis. And that means for an entire month of 4.95, you will have unlimited access to Netflix like an actual US Netizen!

Are there other means around?

If you’re not satisfied with how Blockless works, there are a couple other means to make your Netflix Canada experience as good as an American one. One of the best alternatives would be a VPN hosting site. Virtual private networks are used by these services in order to let you tread different sites without limits, one of which would be for Netflix. With a virtual private network or a VPN, your IP will mask its identity so that web IP spiders won’t be able to determine that it is not from a US location.

As far as I know, Blockless and VPN hosting sites are the best ways around getting US Netflix in Canada. And in case you need any other help on how to go through with the whole overlapping the fence process, please visit and watch the short video that will answer all your questions.

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