Friday, November 29, 2013

Whole Foods- Junky Stuff and Gluten Free Stuff

5 lb Bag Organic Yukon Gold Potatoes $5.99
4 Organic Kiwi @ .69 each
1.04 lb Organic Bananas $1.03
.63 lbs Tomatoes $2.51
5.23 lb Comice Pears $6.75 (they didn't have the pears my kids like in organic)
(2) 365 Organic Eggs @ $3.99 each
365 Organic Whole Milk $5.99
Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch $3.99 (gluten free- using to make bread)
Imagine Organic Gravy $2.00 (gluten free- have not figured out how to make my own yet)
YoGo Non-Dairy Yogurt Starter $6.99 (for my mom- her Whole Foods doesn't carry it)
Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips $4.99 (gluten and dairy free- I eat these as a snack)
365 Organic Tortillas $2.19
365 Organic Morning O's Cereal $3.99
Arrowhead Mills Organic Millet Flour $3.50 (gluten free- using to make bread)
Bob's Red Mill Xantham Gum $13.99 (gluten free- using to make bread)
(2) Organic Valley Chicken Soup @ $2.99 (husband requested these)
Bob's Red Mill Sorghum Flour $3.99 (gluten free- using to make bread)
Organic Corn Starch $3.19
Organic Rice Vinegar $3.99 (using to make bread)
Buffalo Wing Sauce $4.99 
365 Canola Oil $3.79 (gmo free)
(2) 365 Pasta Sauce @ $2.29 each
1.6 lbs Steak Tips $11.18
365 Organic Shredded Cheese $6.99
(2) 365 Organic French Fries @ $2.69 each
365 Frozen Broccoli $1.49
365 Organic Raviolis $3.99
365 Frozen Green Peas $2.49
354 Frozen Corn $2.49 (gmo free)
(2) 365 Frozen Pizzas @ $3.99 each (husband requested these)
(2) Mineral Nail Polish @ $7.99 BOGO (for my daughter's stocking- not full of bad chemicals)

Total: $156.05

Today's trip was about getting my husband some quick foods to make for himself for lunch- he is used to having such things on hand and since I have switched up to a healthier diet he has not been super happy about not having some packaged/canned foods. I figure if I buy them organic/all natural then they are light speeds better than the conventional versions.

I also picked up some ingredients to make gluten and dairy free bread. They were a bit pricey but once I feel good about making my own bread I can find them cheaper in bulk online- I just didn't want to invest in a massive amount of ingredients only to find that making my own gluten free bread is a no go.

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