Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Two? Where Did the Time Go?

My youngest child will be two years old on Sunday and I am sitting here thinking where did the time go?

How is it that even though I am with her everyday I still feel like I wasn't there with her? I look back and have realized that even though I love her and love spending time with her I have not been cherishing her baby and toddler moments as I should.

It is so easy to overlook the little things our kids do because we are busy and stressed out and overwhelmed with life. I have been so guilty of this with all three of my kids!

But I have realized it is never to late to change. I can cherish the silly moments, the fun moments, the heartwarming moment and yes, even the challenging moments. My kids will only be young for so long- they will only beg me to play with them or randomly cuddle with me or drive me completely insane with their weird kid behavior for so long. After that it will be them becoming more independent and not needing me as much and eventually growing into adults who will have their own families.

I am going to do my best to try and enjoy as much as I can with my kids- I want to soak up every moment of my toddler being her lovable little self, every moment of my preschooler starting to explore the world outside of our home and every moment of my first grader becoming his own person with a whole life that doesn't involve me.

When I look back I want to know that I did everything I could to be with my kids. When I think about my childhood I don't remember how clean our house was, the places my mom took me or what toys I got for Christmas- I remember my mom always being there for me and constantly telling me she loved me.

I want my kids to remember those same things about me.

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