Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Took a Little Break...

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I look a break over the past few days from blogging and it was nice!

We went to my cousin's wedding on Saturday- it was nice to get out of the house without the kids but boy did I feel old when I was there! My cousin is 25 and even though that is only five years younger than me I think having three kids has aged me!

Sunday was Jilly's birthday- my little baby is now two years old! I am having her party next Sunday, and by party I mean just us and my parents because I see no need to have a big thing for a two year old plus I am of the belief that small children just get overwhelmed at big parties. She has requested a Minnie Mouse cake so I guess I will be spending a majority of Saturday making that.

I haven't done any grocery shopping since my last shopping post and plan on (hopefully) not going to the store again until Friday. I definitely have enough meat to do so though I did run out of potatoes so I am going to have to make meals that my husband wouldn't expect a potato side dish with. Also, we only have apples, dried apricots and tangerines left for fruit so I'll have to see how good I can stretch them.

Yesterday I cleaned up the girls room and took out anything and everything that my two year can't play with because she will be moving to a twin bed this week. Right now with the dressers, bunk bed and her gigantic crib there isn't much room so I want the crib gone. At two, I know she is ready to move but also I know it will require patience on my part to get her used to sleeping in the bed- patience is something I have been lacking but I'll have to suck it up if I want to finally be able to set the room up how I want.

This week I also want to start painting the new doors my husband and dad hung forever ago; I was waiting for my husband to take them down for me but I'll just have to do it myself because I am sick of looking at unpainted doors. I also need to finish the girls new curtains- I sewed their valance already but have to make long curtains. Then I need to make the valances for my son's room- I suppose all of this would go quicker if I learned how to use my sewing machine but for some reason it terrifies me so I have been doing everything my hand.

Well, that's pretty much it in what is going on right now. Nothing too exciting, but that is the life of a housewife :)

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