Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Time!

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This year for Thanksgiving we are staying home which is exactly the same thing we did last year.

After years of hosting holidays it is so nice to be able to just enjoy a stress free day with my husband and kids- no going overboard making tons of food, no having to entertain people and no huge clean up once everyone has left. We just get to sit around and enjoy each other's company and eat a yummy meal- perfection.

Even though we are just staying home I still plan on making a good dinner- no boxes or canned stuff for us. Actually I take that back because we are having canned cranberry sauce at the request of my husband but I bought organic to cancel out the processed vibe a little. I preferred homemade but sometime you gotta give in a bit  ; )

My menu this year is going to be the same as every year, except for a few gluten free changes due to my new diet (I have Crohn's disease and am hoping gluten free will alleviate my symptoms). So here it is...

-Free Range Turkey- I want to brine it but I have to find a container big enough to do so in. Wish me luck. I paid $2.49 a pound for this bird but would have love to buy the organic one for $3.99 a pound or super loved to buy a locally raised turkey for $5 a pound. Sometimes we have to just do the best we can and I am happy with the bird we got- maybe next if I plan ahead we can get a different one.
-Mashed Potatoes- I can't have them as I am avoiding dairy as well but my husband and kids love them. I may make myself some brown rice or a baked potato.
-Crock Pot Stuffing- No one else eats it so Thanksgiving is the one time of year I make it. This year it will have to be gluten free but I am determined to make it super delicious. I bought flute free bread to use and gluten and dairy free "butter".
-Corn- just gmo free frozen corn cooked with a bit of butter. I'll use my Earth's Balance "butter" to make it so I can have some also.
-Broccoli- I love broccoli and it is a source of calcium which is awesome for people like me who cannot have dairy. I buy frozen because it is cheaper and because somehow when I buy fresh veggies I always end up having to throw some away because they get lost in the back of my crisper drawer.
-Homemade Focaccia Bread- Though I cannot have anything with gluten my family still loves bread, and why wouldn't they? I am going to make them some yummy bread to go with their meal.
-Make Ahead Gravy- What is Thanksgiving without gravy? This is my favorite gravy recipe and it freezes so well! This year I am going to sub the all purpose flour for flute free brown rice flour and I should be good to go. I made a huge batch of chicken stock yesterday for this and the stuffing which is super frugal and healthy.

So that is my Thanksgiving meal. This will be our first Thanksgiving in our new home and I am feeling all warm and cozy right now thinking about it.

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