Monday, November 4, 2013

Ingredient Comparison- Tortillas

The other day I made a huge batch of refried beans so that I could make freezer burritos. I picked up two packages of Whole Foods organic tortillas (6 tortillas come in each pack for $2.19- great deal!) to make them but forgot that I also needed tortillas for the taco dinner I was making on Halloween.

I ended up picking up a package of Mission Flour Soft Tacos (20 tacos for $2.25 but are way smaller than the tortillas) because there was no way I was going to drive 20 minutes to Whole Foods for some tortillas. I hated buying the Mission ones and here is why...

These are the Whole Foods ones- the ingredients list is pretty okay and there aren't any artificial ingredients or ingredients I can't pronounce. Plus they are organic which is a plus! They do have whole wheat tortillas also but I do not like the flavor- some things are not good in whole wheat version!

These are the Mission ones- holy ingredient list! Please tell me why it is necessary to have this many ingredients in tortillas? Hydrogenated oil, genetically modified ingredients and ingredients I can't pronounce... not wholesome by any means.

I realize that the best thing to do if I want wholesome foods is to make my own tortillas but while I would love to, I have to make choices everyday on what I can fit into the time I have to get stuff done. I strive to make everything I can from scratch but the things I can't I do my best to buy the best I can.

I challenge you to read the ingredient list on the foods you buy- you may be surprised at what not so great ingredients are hiding in the things you buy everyday!

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