Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Target- I Used Coupons!

My dog may have seasonal allergies so I had to run to Target to pick him up an antihistamine. I also needed milk... and then other stuff ended up in my cart also.

Up & Up Bleach $1.77 - 5% Cartwheel Savings = $1.68
Simply Balanced Organic Chips $2.50 - $1.25 Target coupon and 5% Cartwheel Savings = $1.18
2 Annie's Graham Bunnies @ $2.50 each - $1.50/2 Target coupon = $1.75 each
Simply Balanced Organic Pasta Sauce $2.99 - 5% Cartwheel Savings = $2.84
Domino Sugar $2.64 (this is pure cane so it is gmo free, unlike the Target brand)
Market Pantry Cherries $1.77 (requested by my husband)
Horizen Organic Whole Milk $6.99
Simply Balanced Organic Eggs $1.59- .50 Target coupon and 5% Cartwheel Savings = $1.03
Up & Up Pill Splitter $3.89 (I forgot I had a text coupon for $1 off $3 of Up & Up products- darn)
Up & Up 60 ct Allergy Medication (generic Claritin) $7.49 - 5% Cartwheel Savings = $7.11

Total: $33.52

The eggs are a mystery to me- for some reason they rang up as $1.52 (I didn't realize that until just now) and then I got .50 off with a Target coupon and 5% off with Cartwheel. Basically I magically paid $1.03 for one dozen organic eggs- the cheapest I have ever found was $4 at Whole Foods so $1 is pretty stinking awesome.

I have realized that if I am going to save money while still buying organic and gmo free then I need to branch out a bit from Whole Foods. They do have awesome prices on a lot of stuff I buy but if I can use coupons at other stores to get better prices on some things then I need to do it.

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