Friday, October 11, 2013

Pretzel and Trix Yogurt- Lunch of Champions!

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This morning I woke up late (not a huge surprise because I am not a morning person) so because I didn't have enough time to make my son's lunch I let him buy it.

When he got home from school I asked him what he ended up getting (his school gives the kids a few different options) and he replied that his lunch of choice consisted of a giant pretzel, a Trix yogurt and an apple.

Okay, so I am someone who strives to feed my kids healthy foods. I buy mostly organic and have banned gmo's in our diets (my husband still eats junk but he's an adult and I'm not his mom); I also make as much as I possibly can from scratch. With that said, I do allow my kids to have regular candy sometimes and we even stop at good old McDonalds once in awhile for some Happy Meals. But I was a little taken aback by the school serving giant pretzels and Trix yogurt for lunch because to me that is just not a balanced meal.

Giant pretzels are yummy but are supposed to be a treat and Trix yogurt is not what I would consider wholesome- why not serve regular strawberry or vanilla yogurt? After all of the literature that has been sent home about healthy foods I feel a little let down but the schools apparent hypocrisy, but this just confirms why I prefer to pack lunches instead of relying on the school to decide what they think is healthy for my child.

Even though I am writing this, I don't really have my panties in a bunch about it. I am mildly annoyed and a little amused by my son's junky lunch but am really actually very jealous because I would have loved to have a giant pretzel with lots of salt on it for lunch- oh, and some mustard on the side for dipping!

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