Monday, September 23, 2013

Errand Day...

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Tomorrow is errand day.

My plan is to run to Target after my son gets on the bus to pick up a few things we need, then run to the outlets to return some clothes I bought the other day (they don't open until 10 am which is ridiculous) and then to Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping and pick me up some cheap Whole Foods wine (I'll be going to a far away store because I'll be in the area anyways).

This all sounds wonderful, especially since I will only have my youngest because my four year old is having a sleepover at my in-laws' house, but my youngest is almost two and is starting to rebel against sitting in the stroller and has started to test her boundaries. She is far too heavy to carry so I end up letting her walk- you can just imagine how that works out (imagine taking a greased pig to the store with you- lots of chasing, catching and little piggy slipping out of your hands).

I'm going to pack snacks and toys so hopefully she cooperates but she pretty much has no choice because I have to go to the store. If she decided to freak out then I guess I am going to be that mom with the freaking out toddler who ignores her while I do my shopping. It's funny how having three kids makes you not care about glares from strangers- after my first I would have been mortified but now I just smile. Maybe my life is just that boring, but sometimes a good tantrum in the middle of a store makes life interesting.

Now I'm off to make my grocery list...

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