Saturday, September 21, 2013

Back With a Vengeance!

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If you have been following this blog for awhile you know that I took a long hiatus to start another blog called Sort of Crunchy in which I wanted to chronicle my move from "mainstream" mom to semi-crunchy mom. I did that because I have a passion for trying to feed my family good food and keeping them healthy all around by avoiding chemicals in our everyday lives.

I had fun writing for my new blog but I felt a bit pigeonholed on what I was writing about- while going organic is a large part of my life there are also lots of other things I do!

I have three kids who equally drive me crazy and give meaning to my life. I love getting deals on things (as long as it doesn't require me to leave my house). I love finding ways to save money around my house. I love making crafts.

I feel that Sort of Crunchy, while a noble endeavour, is just not the right platform for me to share my life. I feel so at home on this blog, Just Call Me Cheap. I have been writing it for a long time and have shared such happy moments with my readers and also very painful moments.

SO what I am trying to say in a very long winded way is that I am going to resurrect Just Call Me Cheap  as it once was. It will encompass what is going on in my life as well as deals that I come across. While I have turned into an organic food eating and eco-friendly person, I will post deals for things that I do not necessarily buy. I am not perfect in my ways and buy things that others may not like, so who am I to say what others should buy?

There may be some growing pains while I try to figure out how to go about my "new" blog but I would love if you all stuck around  : )

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