Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Freezer Cooking- Homemade Gravy

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I love gravy. When given the chance I slather everything on my plate in it, which is why I would say Thanksgiving is one of my favorite food eating holidays.

Now here is the thing, I absolutely refuse to buy the canned/bottled gravy from the grocery store. It tastes okay I guess but I don't like the ingredients and really try to stay away from processed food. This doesn't mean that I slave away over the stove every time I want to have gravy with a meal, it just means that I do a little freezer cooking so I always have some on hand!

This recipe for Make Ahead Gravy is my absolute favorite. It tastes really good and as the name implies  it can be made ahead of time and can even be frozen. Not only is it a good (and easy to make) recipe- it is also pretty frugal too!

When I made it yesterday I used some chicken legs that had been in my freezer for a long time (you can use the meat after making the gravy), homemade chicken stock (made from chicken carcasses and odds and ends veggies) and I didn't have any fresh carrots so I used frozen ones. Everything else is just stuff that you would normally have on hand in your pantry. The recipe makes about eight cups of deliciousness, so you do the math on how much cheaper it is to make your own gravy instead of buying the stuff from the store. Here is a hint: you come out way ahead making your own!

Any recipe that saves me money and is healthy/wholesome is a keeper in my book!

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