Saturday, January 5, 2013

Diaper Stash Contentment!

I have finally found diaper stash contentment!

Don't mind the ugly green plaid chair- it's getting
thrown away when we move
My happy stash consists of:

9 Bum Genius Elementals
8 Flip Diaper Covers
18 Oso Cozy Unbleached Flats
2 Hemp Babies Doublers (may buy one or two more)
36 Cloth Wipes
3 Kanga Pail Liners
2 Superundies Night Time (for my son who is a heavy sleeper and still wets at night)

All of this cost about $300, but I am set until the baby potty trains. If anything is still in good shape I can sell it to make some of my money back. Right now, with all factors taken into account (cost of cloth diapers, cost of laundry, what disposables would have cost, etc.), I will end up saving over $500 by cloth diapering. What is more important is that it's healthier for my kids and a super awesome bonus is that I never have to worry about finding deals on disposables and will never have to run out to buy them again!

Since my stash is mostly natural fibers, I am going to cut up an old micro fleece blanket to use as liners for nighttime diapers instead of buying pre-made liners. I don't mind the baby having wet cotton against her during the day, but her bum gets a little red if I do that at night. Same goes for my three year old daughter's nighttime diaper (she still has accidents sometimes at night so to save my sanity I put a diaper on her).

As for wipe solution, I am using a few drops of Dr. Brommer's Lavender Soap mixed with water (I am going to boil the water first, just to be safe) in a foamy soap bottle. I got the Dr. Brommer's from an awesome deal at American Apparel a couple of weeks ago- I'm talking only .40 a bottle (I bought 2)!

So I have officially moved from the obsessed with buying cute bum fluff mode to zen mode- I am sure my wallet is going to thank me!

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