Saturday, December 8, 2012

Zappos- Awesome is an Understatement!

I have to say that I was completely blown away today by what awesome customer service I got at Zappos.

I bought my son some light up Puma sneaker for school and spent a lot of money on them- they were so cool that I couldn't help it (we also ended up getting my daughter a pink pair because we liked them so much).

This morning I noticed that one of the shoes was not lighting up anymore. My son is only allowed to wear his sneakers to school, so he wears them five days a week for about four hours at the most which made me upset that in the 3 1/2 months he has owned them one was already broken.

We have been buying from Zappos for years and I knew they were great at handling issues, so I emailed to let them know what happened and asked if I could exchange the sneakers for a new pair since they seemed defective. I got and email back a few hours later telling me that my son's new shoes were on the way and that we can keep the broken ones! I was totally expecting to mail them back, which would have been no issue at all, so this was a huge surprise.

It is so funny too, because today when I saw his shoe wasn't working it reminded me that we threw away his outgrown play sneakers last week and that I should buy him a new pair. Now, I get to keep the sneakers that aren't working for play shoes and he has a new pair for school.

I really am so grateful for how Zappos handled this- I would have been grateful for just an exchange but letting me keep the old sneakers was icing on the cake. By going above and beyond, Zappos has won me over as a loyal customer. Sometimes their prices are a bit higher than other online shoe retailers, but if they stand behind the products they sell this well then a little extra money is worth it to me.

So heed this warning retailers- just because you have the lowest prices doesn't guarantee you my hard earned dollars. You also need to have great customer service because I like to shop places that make me feel happy, not ones that fill me with dread.

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