Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Save Money By Doing YOur Own Pest Control

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Rats are the most destructive pests on the earth, causing damage to health, product and property. They are responsible for the transmission of more than 70 diseases including salmonella and leptospirosis, Usually rats don’t live alone, if you have seen one rat in your house it is possible that there is a full family of rats not too far away. It is very important to eliminate the rats from your property to prevent property and health damage, and to do that you will need effective rat traps.

Ways To Get Rid Of Rats

Rat traps are most easiest, effective and safe way to catch rats. The strong smelling foods are considered as the best bet when you set a rat trap. Patience is very important in this process, you can’t expect to catch a rat as soon as you placed the trap. There are various types of rat traps available in the market. So it gets very hard to decide which to select.
Buying rat traps can be little bit confusing due the the huge number of types available. Snap traps are highly recommended, traditional and popular rat trap that kills rats instantly. The T-Rex Rat Trap is one of them, it is a mechanical trap that captures the rat instead of killing them. Their patented interlocking teeth provide better security and makes it almost impossible to escape for the rats. It is very responsive and with the high trap velocity it ensures a deadly and successful capture. T Rex traps are safe and easy to use than the traditional traps like snap traps, you can tie it to the beams or pipes that the rats uses to run.

Where To Buy Rat Traps?

Following selection of the most effective type of trap the next question is where to purchase it from. Should I buy it from a local store, supermarket or online? Pestek Pest Control is one of the UK's leading online suppliers of pest control products. Including the worlds leading brand of rat traps and the UK'S most popular rat poisons. Pestek's website is completely dedicated to pest control, you can find lots of products, tools and tips. All products and tools are fully tested for effectiveness by pestek's own pest control team.

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