Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Stash is Complete...

Cloth diapers
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I feel like I am finally at peace with my cloth diaper stash.

-For the daytime I use Flip and Econobum covers with Econobum prefolds or Osocozy pad folded flats.
-At nighttime I use pocket diapers (I have a mix of Alva, Kawaii and Bum Genius 4.0's) stuffed with a pad folded regular or hemp flat/pad folded flour sack towel combo for the baby and for my three year old I just stuff the diaper with a regular pad folded flat (she only wets occasionally and when she does it's not a lot).
-On Saturdays when I am at work my husband uses pocket diapers stuffed with flats or Bum Genius Elementals.

Simple, simple, simple- just how I like it. I put all of the microfiber inserts away because they just made the wash routine too difficult- I would think they were clean but when the baby would wake up in the morning her diaper would reek of ammonia which means the microfiber was just not getting clean enough. I have too much other stuff to do than to try and figure out a new wash routine so my motto is if it can't get clean the way I want to wash it then it has no place in my stash.

Eventually I would like to replace my cheapie pockets with all Bum Genius 4.0's but I'm going to take the wait and see approach as Cotton Babies has seconds sales throughout the year that I have scored some great deals on. After the holidays I am planning on selling a bunch of the stuff I'm not using and then I'll be able to see how much I've actually spent on cloth diapering and how much I will be saving myself. Having a spreadsheet keeping track of every cent I spend really helps to ask myself if I really do need something because I'll pop in the price of what I want to buy and when I see my total go up I usually decide that I don't in fact need what I am looking at.

Cloth diapering really can turn into a slippery slope. Many have started doing it to save money but then get sucked in by all of the cute fluffy diapers that are out there and end up spending way more than they wanted to. I find myself drooling over things but that is all I do- drool. I want to save money and buying tons of cuteness is not how I am going to do it which is why I am glad I have my spreadsheet to slap some sense into me.

And by the way- if you are a microfiber hater like me, Cotton Babies is having a sale on their Elemental diapers. You can get five for $95 which comes out to $19, this is a good deal considering these things go for about $25 normally. This is an all in one diaper that has an organic cotton inner so it's great for daycare, grandparents or dads to use because it's simple and it's good for you because it is so easy to wash (zero stink issues). If you spend over $100 you can get twelve free cloth wipes with the code LEFTOVERS.

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