Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ebates is Awesome

As you can most likely tell, I really love to shop online. It is so convenient and there are so many great deals to be had that the only time I ever even go to the store is for groceries.

One site that has helped me make the deals I get online even better is Ebates. Ebates is a sight that offers cash back when you make a purchase on tons of sites that it is affiliated with. All that you have to do is go to Ebates, find the store you want to make a purchase at, click the link and then make your purchase. That is it- before you know it you'll have your cash back in your Ebates account and they'll send you a check in the mail.

I just added up how much we have gotten back from Ebates in 2012 and the grand total is $226.95. This amount is from my regular shopping for clothes, gifts, household stuff etc. and from our purchase of a new was he, dryer and refrigerator.

Not every online store you shop may be on Ebates, but it is always worth it to check it out. I mean, if you are already going to make the purchase anyways then why not get some money back for it with minimal effort. To make things even more lazy-proof (I am so lazy) you can download a toolbar that lets you know when the site you are offers cash back.

Ebates is honestly the easiest way I have earned money online and I love, love, love it.

Disclaimer: This post contains my affiliate link.

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