Saturday, October 6, 2012

Six Years To Go...

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I really get sick of the whole "mommy wars" thing- especially when working moms get chastised for *gasp* leaving their kids in the care of others while they go and make a living.

I used to be someone who thought that if a mom worked outside the home it was terrible. Then I had three kids and got off of my high horse- actually I believe I fell head first off of my high horse into a pile of horse crap.

Some moms need to work which means they need to have someone else watch their kids. Other moms want to work and need someone to watch their kids. That is life. They love their kids just as much as stay at home moms do and their kids are not going to turn out to be rapists and serial killers because they were in daycare for the first five years of their lives. I've never been into a daycare but I am betting that they don't scream at the kids when the living room has turned into the scene of an MMA cage fight, occasionally drop a swear word when someone wakes up the sleeping baby or turn the television on just to get some stinking peace and quiet (I am guilty as charged of all of these things).

I stayed home with my first child because I felt it was important for me to be the one who raised him and the same went for my second child. After the third one I wished that I had a real job just to get a break from the chaos but unfortunately for me, the cost associated with three kids in daycare keeps me as an indentured servant to three little monsters. Sometimes I feel like I would be a better mom if I had something of my own that made me feel good outside of caring for my family. Plus, I miss using my brain for things other than trying to negotiate with my three year old on whether she wants to wear her pink sparkly shoes or her rain boots- I could pound my head against the wall and get more intellectual stimulation.

Working or not, we are all just doing what we have to to get thought the day. Sometimes we love our situations and sometimes we hate them but we are all doing our best to raise our kids to be somewhat productive members of society. As for me, I have six years until my youngest is in school full time and I can rejoin the ranks of real people- wow, that is a long time. I just hope my brain can hold out and not turn to total mush!

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