Sunday, October 14, 2012

Frugal Tip- Frozen Veggies

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Without a doubt, a large part of my grocery budget goes to produce. I have three kids ages five and under and I do my best to feed them healthy food so spending money on produce is not a bad thing but I still want to spend as little as possible on the best food possible. That is why a majority of the vegetables I buy are frozen.

Eeek! Frozen veggies?

Yep, frozen veggies are a staple at my house. I like them because they are so convenient for a frazzled mom like me (frazzled is actually an understatement). While I do buy in season veggies I find that buying frozen ones ends up in way less waste because fresh vegetables sometimes (most of the time) go bad before I cook them. And for those of you who look down on them, frozen veggies are just as healthy as their fresh counterparts and sometimes are even healthier because they are frozen at their peak freshness instead of sitting in the produce department slowly degrading. Plus, they are usually less expensive than their fresh versions. I always stock up when the bags are $1 and I am not finicky about whether they are store or name brand- veggies are veggies to me!

Buying frozen veggies always ensures that I have produce to eat, even when I haven't gone shopping for a week and a half. Right now in my freezer I have broccoli, butternut squash, sugar snap peas, corn, mini corn on the cob, peas, cauliflower, carrots and green beans. At anytime I can pull out any one of those veggies and have a healthy side dish for my family to eat after some steaming.

So, frozen veggies are an economical way to feed your family healthy food- yeah for frugal food!

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