Thursday, October 4, 2012

For Me To Poop On...

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So I have been cloth diapering for a full day and I now consider myself an expert... just kidding (about the expert part).

I have been using my Econobum covers/prefolds on Jilly and it has been going well. No leaks to speak of and it's been almost as easy as using disposables. Jilly doesn't seem to mind and dare I say that she is enjoying her new ba-dunk-a dunk bum; that baby's got some junk in her trunk now!

I bought two Fuzzibunz Elite pocket diapers to use on Alli at night- tonight was the first night she used one and she seemed to like it though they are snug on her. I also broke down and bought six Bumgenius Freetime all in one diapers, mostly due to the fact that I know that my husband will not be able to handle the whole prefold/diaper cover thing when I'm at work on Saturdays.

I am totally not going balls to the wall on the cloth diapering thing because I am not using cloth wipes- I have a mega ton of baby wipes stockpiled right now and want to use them all up. When I run out I may switch to the cloth ones but that won't be for a long, long time.

So, with my mania of purchases I crossed from the doing-this-as-cheap-as-possible route to the spending-it-up route. Because I believe in total transparency, here is what I have and what I have spent:

4 Econobum Trial Packs (total of 4 covers and 12 prefolds) $24 (after $23 in credit card rewards)
6 bumGenius doublers $12
1 Snappi $4 (may or may not use this)
2 Fuzzibunz Elite pocket diapers $27 total
3 Alva one size pocket diapers and one wet bag $18 total (coming from China- could be awhile)
2 large wet bags from ebay $20
6 bumGenius Freetime diapers $92.50 (coming this week)

Total: $197.50 (I didn't include laundry detergent because I use the same stuff I wash our clothes in- Charlie's Soap)

That is a lot of money- yikes! When I put it down in black and white it's a little shocking. Now I am going to talk myself off of the ledge- even with spending $200 I am still saving money in the long run and even better, I can sell my stash when I am done cloth diapering and recoup most likely at least half of the money I spent.

The only thing I need to do now is avoid every website that sells cloth diapers so that I don't buy anything else- how pathetic and boring is my life that I have to curb my obsession to buy things that my baby pisses and craps in?

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