Thursday, September 20, 2012

You Are an Idiot...

If you buy a product, misuse it and then get mad at the company who made said product then you are an idiot.

How many times have things been recalled because people don't use them right and hurt themselves or their children? Read the directions! Use the stinking product correctly! If you don't do these things and someone gets hurt then it is your fault.

A prime example is Buckyballs- they make magnetic desk toys for use only by adults. Their website and packaging clearly state this but guess what? Idiot parents are bring this product into their home where their kids can get a hold of it and now the CPSC wants to shut them down.

Idiot parents not reading (and heeding) warning labels are a scary thing- one reason being that they are putting their kids in danger with their lack of parenting ability and another reason being that they are passing down the idiot gene to their offspring who will grow to be idiots with a complete lack of common sense just like their parents.

As if being an idiot isn't bad enough but then you have to go and take it to a whole other level by then blaming your idiot-ness on everyone else. Sheesh.

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  1. Aww I hope they don't shut them down. I have always thought these look cool and obviously were never marketed to kids. Smh