Saturday, September 29, 2012

RV Meth Lab...

Lego robber in jail.
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Something recently happened to me that makes no sense.

I filled out a form for my son's school to do a background check on me which is required if you ever want to volunteer in the classroom. I am almost 100% positive that I won't be volunteering due tot he fact that I have no one to watch my other two kids but I decided to fill out the form just in case.

I got a letter in the mail stating that the school could not do the background check because I have lived in Rhode Island for less than a year. To be able to volunteer at my son's school I will have to pay $35 at the local police station for them to run a background check which will take up to a month.

This strikes me as odd- so basically when the school runs a BCI background check they are only checking your record in Rhode Island? Could I have something on my record in Massachusetts (I don't) and in a year have the school run a check with them not seeing my Massachusetts record, basically meaning that I could still volunteer even though I committed a crime in my old state? Man, if I only knew this before we moved- I could have totally had an RV meth lab just like in Breaking Bad. If I got caught I could have totally still volunteered at my son's school after residing in my new state for a year!

It makes no sense to me but if that is the policy than so be it. My son's old nursery school didn't require background checks and all of the kids ended up fine so I guess if the public school system wants to cover their asses in case something ever happens then good for them. It's just sad that we live in a world that requires so much ass covering.

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