Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mother Flubbing Tub...

Insert Redneck Bath Tub Joke Here
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I hate my tub- it is the bane of my existence. It actually isn't technically my tub as we are renting so I guess it is the leasing company's tub, but it still sucks.

This tub that resides in my townhouse is of the textured bottom sort and while I understand that on paper having a textured bottom tub makes complete sense it's real life application is terrible. Whoever came up with this so called "invention" should be shot, or at least be cast into the purgatory that is trying to clean a dirty textured bottom tub.

Yes, I don't slip when I'm taking a shower and the kids little bums don't slip when they are taking a bath but did anyone ever think of the fact that the textured little nubs are breeding grounds for bacteria? We are not dirty people but yet somehow this thing looks like my whole family works in the coal mines all day- our old tub never came close to this dirtiness.

No matter how a clean the dang tub- no matter what cleaner I use or what kind of brush or textured sponge I use the dirt will not come off of the ridges. If this were actually my tub I would have ripped it out of the wall with my bare hands and thrown it out the window or at least I would have used some good old Comet or bleach to clean it, but because it is not mine there are rules that I must follow, most notably I can't use anything harsh as it may wreck the fiberglass.

This tub needs harsh cleaners to burn off the filth but instead I must kneel on the floor and scrub until my arms feel like they are going to fall off, and then when I wash the cleaner away and I still see grime I fall into a heap on the floor and cry.

So on I go to the Internet to find fiberglass safe ways to clean my tub- this is now my life's mission and I will not fail. Screw raising my kids to be productive members of society- my only job now is to clean that mother flubbing tub! And if it really comes down to it I may just use the dang Comet and accept the fact that I will have to pay to have the tub refinished when we move- no cost is to great for a clean tub...

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