Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hop Away...

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Last night I walked into my bedroom to find a creature on the wall. At first I thought it was the spider that I had a showdown with the other day- maybe he was looking for a fight.

But, no- it was the most random bug ever to have been crawling on a wall. The little sucker was a grasshopper. God only knows how the heck he ended up on the second floor of my house but there he was all walking around.

What is a woman to do but to tell her husband to get his arse upstairs and assassinate the hoppy little guy. Husband got the job done but the grasshopper didn't make it easy. The bed had to be moved and luckily there was a wayward nursing pad under the bed which ended up being the final resting place of the grasshopper.

For some reason I would rather have a wayward spider in my room that a grasshopper- maybe it has to do with the fact that a roaming grasshopper would keep me up all night with his grasshopper noises while spiders just quietly crawl on you when your sleeping. Okay- both are nasty creatures that need to stay the hell out of my house.

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