Thursday, August 2, 2012


No Vacancy
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Okay, so where have been the past week. Well, I have been attempting to hold onto what little sanity I have left after birthing three children.

It hasn't been easy but I am not in a mental hospital yet so I guess I'm doing good.

You see, my kids are driving me crazy. They used to have a playroom in our old house and now all of their toys are in their bedrooms. Somehow toys being placed in bedrooms makes said toys uninteresting and my kids either lay around staring at me or start fighting with each other. It also doesn't help that the playground at our townhouse complex is visible from our back windows- kids run wild around here and play outside unsupervised all day so my five year old son pouts all day when I don't let him run around unsupervised. Sorry dude, but even though you drive me insane I love you and need to keep an eye on you.

What about my little Jilly Billy- well she is still anti-nap but I have kind of gotten over it. She's been getting better at sleeping longer at night (though she still wakes up once) so whatever- it is what it is. At least when she is awake she is a little sweetie, unlike my other two monsters. It's sad to know that she will to become a monster, but I try not to think of that- I just enjoy here pudgy, cute company.

So that is what I've been up to- trying to hold onto my sanity while settling into our new life.

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