Monday, August 27, 2012

Life Goes On...

school crossing sign
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Tomorrow is the big day- Tyler is starting Kindergarten. Well that is if the bus drivers don't go on strike- if they do then they are just plain mean because my son will be heartbroken if he doesn't get to start school when he is supposed to.

Anyways... I am so excited for him. He got to take a little ride on the school bus tonight at orientation and you could tell he felt like such a big kid when he stepped off of that bus. There are lots of boys in his class which is such a change from his nursery school (for every boy there were at least four girls) and a bunch of kids live in our townhouse complex so he'll get to ride the bus with kids he knows.

I am going to be a total wreck tomorrow when he steps onto the bus and heads to school. It will be the official beginning of him slowly becoming independent and his own person. He is going to have a life outside of the life he has with me- I'm not going to know all of his school friends or be able to talk to his teacher everyday like I could when he was in nursery school.

I am also sad because this is it- him starting school means that our move is official. We are part of a new community- I loved the old community we were in (sans the in-laws) and this new one has most certainly not grown on me yet. I have been slapped by another wake up call that our lives are completely different than what we had planned on. I suppose I just need to get over it but is hard to embrace somewhere new when you moved there out of desperation and to escape a bad situation.

Life goes on... what really matters is that the kids are happy and that we are no longer around toxic people. Everything will fall into place whether it be next week, next year or when I'm old and gray.

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  1. I saw where he didnt start today hopefully tomorrow! I plan on taking Aubrey the first day like I did with Trev which I think I will be okay with. The second day on the bus I will LOSE it. Thankfully Trev is on the bus with her