Monday, August 6, 2012

Helping the Self Feeding Baby...

naked baby when eating equals less laundry!
Children love to do thing themselves- it makes them feel like big kids when they learn new skills and the look of accomplishment on their face is priceless.

Babies are the same way and if your baby has older siblings these learning milestones seem to come way faster than they did with your first child.

When it comes to feeding, Jilly is little miss independent. She no longer wants me to feed her with a fork most of the time and definitely will not eat fruit if I try to feed it to her. This put a damper on her fruit intake because most of the fruits she eats are very slippery when cut up and she was having trouble picking the pieces up with her little fingers. I was kind of getting sick of ripping off little pieces fruit and putting them into her mouth- she's got teeth and she likes to bite my fingers.

My solution? I sprinkle crumpled up Cheerio dust on top of whatever fruit she is eating- the dust coats the fruit and gives her a good enough grip that she can shovel the food in her mouth like the fat little blubber bum she is (I love fat little blubber bum babies).

Now she can feel like a big girl and I don't get my fingers bitten off by sharp little teeth.

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