Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Britax Frontier 85 For $199 Shipped- Safety At A Steal

Keeping your kids in a harnessed car seat for as long as possible is the safest thing to do which is why my five year old son is still in a harnessed seat and will continue to be until he is at least six. Not the norm but safety comes first for me even if I get strange looks from other moms.

Amazon has a great deal right now on the Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Car Seat, which is one of the harnessed boosters we love and own (the other is the Recaro ProSport ). It is only $199 with free shipping. This seat will last you years and can turn from a harnessed booster into a normal high back booster- to me $199 is a small price to pay for knowing that my children (we have a pink one for my daughter) are as safe as possible in the event of a crash. They are also a breeze to install which is why we use them as our back up seats when the kids go with their grandparents or in my husband's car. Our other go to seat that we use for Alli and Jillian is the Radian XTSL which is no longer made but has been reincarnated as the Diono Radian RXT- it has a high rear facing weight limit (you should rear face until your child is at least two years old) and a high weight limit for forward facing so you can harness longer. Plus the new version turns into an un-harnessed booster which means it goes from a five pound baby to a big kid booster- talk about getting bang for your buck.

I know you may be thinking "does your son mind being in a harnessed seat?" Well, I don't care what he wants as he is my child and I am his mom. Safety comes first so whatever he wants is a moot point to me. With that said, he hasn't noticed yet that other five year olds are in regular booster seats. I tell him all of the time that race car drivers wear harnesses so wearing one is cool so hopefully he won't care that he's different than a majority of his friends. And if he does then oh well. I guess I can always lie to him like my mom did to me way back in the eighties- when I complained about having to use a booster seat she told me that it was just so I could see out the window. It's nice to know that lying to your kids is a tradition that has been passed down through the generations.

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