Thursday, August 9, 2012

Awesome Hood Deal at Dave's Marketplace

For all of you fellow Rhode Islanders out there, Dave's Marketplace is having an awesome deal on Hood products this week.

When you buy five participating Hood products at $3 each you save $5 instantly. Pretty good but when you add in $1 off one manufacturer coupons you can net five products for $1 each.

Participating products include:

Ice Cream Sandwiches 8-12 count
Sports Bars 6 count, Hoodsie Cups 10 count
Orange Cream Bar 12 count
Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches 18 count
Red Sox Cones 6 count
Ice Cream Bars 12 count
Hood Fudge Stix 24 count
Kids Karnival Stix 24 count
Pop Stix 24 count
Hood Ice Cream or N.E. Creamery Ice Cream 48 oz.
Cottage Cheese 16 oz.
Whipped Topping 9.3 oz.
Simply Smart Milk 64 oz.
Lactaid Ice Cream 32 oz.

It is sales like this that really make me miss my chest freezer. I will have to figure out how to fit five Hood products in my freezer along with all of the other stuff that is already there.

Other great sales that stand out to me this week are:

Bartlett Pears .99/lb
Perdue Chicken Tenderloins $1.99/lb
Honey Ham from the Deli $2.99/lb
Planters Peanut Butter $1.99 (I am pretty sure they have a natural version)
Grass Fed Boneless Rib Eye Steak $7.99/lb
GoGurt $2.00 - $1/2 manufacturer coupon (I love the Simply GoGurt version for my kids)
Red or Green Seedless Grapes $1.49/lb

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