Sunday, July 22, 2012

La-Di-Da Shopping...

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In my old town I was spoiled. I had a ton of stores within ten minutes of my home and my favorite store, Target, was five minutes away. I could just run out to whatever store I needed to go to and it was no big deal.

Now that we moved my la-di-da shopping days are done. The only stores that are pretty close are Stop and Shop, Dave's Marketplace and Walmart. Everything else is a good twenty minutes away- twenty minutes may not seem like far to some people but when you are busy with three kids it is way far. Add in how much gas my suv guzzles and gallivanting out of town to shop is not something I am going to be doing often.

So, I will changing my shopping habits. No more trips to Target for this girl- I am going to become the queen of Walmart. I hate Walmart but we gotta do what we gotta do and my geographic location has tied my hands. Dave's Marketplace (a local grocery chain) and Stop and Shop are going to be my grocery stores. CVS and Rite Aid are going to be my drugstores. As for BJ's, well that will just have to be a once every few months kind of store. And then there is Whole Foods- I have been buying all of our meat from there and now the nearest one is twenty-five minutes away. Once you've had their meat the regular meat from the grocery store just is not up to snuff but I suppose I need to get over it and maybe give Dave's Marketplace a chance.

Not being close to stores is a blessing in disguise- the less I step foot in them the less I will be tempted to spend lots of money, though I will miss the wonderful Target clearance end caps. And who am I kidding, I have three kids I have to drag everywhere with me so why the heck would I even want to be out shopping anywhere? This whole thing may work to my advantage when it comes to not bringing random crap into my house that I don't need...

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