Monday, April 30, 2012

Zoo Time...

During school vacation I had a crazy idea to take all three kids to the zoo by myself. I took Ty and Alli to the zoo last year when I was pregnant with Jilly Billy and that did not go well so I was hoping this time would go much better.

We went to the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island and the cheap person that I am reserved passes from our local library which saved me $6 on admission (Alli and Jilly were free because they are under three).

It was a very hot day out so the kids complained a little about walking but I brought the stroller so each of them got to hop in for a break while I had the baby strapped to me in the carrier. It was also very busy so it was a constant battle to keep my eyes on the kids so they didn't get lost. The good news is that I went into the zoo with three kids and I left with three kids.

Giraffe- he looks thrilled.

Flamingo- his legs freak me out.

Elephant- if I were him I would have jumped in that water.

The kids were very good and we had a lot of fun, well Jilly just slept in the carrier the whole time so I guess she didn't have much fun. The most exciting news was that Alli wore underwear and did not pee her pants once the whole day. I was so proud of her and relieved that I didn't have to deal with pee covered clothing.

This trip to the zoo showed me that having three kids and taking them places by myself is doable. Well, it's doable now while Jilly is a baby but when she hits 18 months it's all over.

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