Saturday, April 7, 2012

Obligations- Bah Humbug!

Traditional family unit
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Tomorrow is Easter which is great because I love Easter. I love hard boiled eggs and I love ham which are two things that Easter always has so in turn I love Easter.

Something I don't love about Easter is having to work the day before because it hinders my ability to prepare for the holiday. Every holiday my husband's aunt and I switch off on who hosts (yes, there are others in the family who could host but choose not to due to ignorance and laziness but we shall not get into that now). This Easter was her turn to host so my husband, kids and I would normally go to my parents but I decided it would be better (and easier) to have my parents over our house. My parents are pretty low key so the meal isn't going to be anything extravagant plus my mom isn't oblivious to the fact that having three kids including a baby makes it hard to get much done like other people seem to be.

For the meal we are having a Honey Baked Ham (just need to heat up a bit in the oven), mashed potatoes (my mom is making them), salad (just need to chop up the lettuce and cut the tomatoes and cucumbers), bacon potatoes (dairy free, delicious and easy), rolls (I decided to be lazy this year and buy rolls), broccoli (fresh, just need to steam) and corn (frozen). For appetizers we are having shrimp and cocktail sauce (I will probably eat about a pound of shrimp by myself- yum!), cheese/peperoni/crackers tray and chips. I am also making cupcakes because my mom's birthday was yesterday. No other deserts and no coffee because my parents, like I said before, are low key.

Someday I want to just go away with my husband and kids on holidays so we don't have to deal with hosting a bunch of people. Holidays are such a burden to me when I have to host my husband's family and I am getting to the point where I don't even want to do it anymore (totally not an option- we bought my in-law's house who now live in an attached in-law apartment. My mother in law used to host every other holiday so now I have to even though my husband has an older brother and two cousins that are older than him). Plus, it gets expensive! When I have people over I don't scrimp because to me guests should be served good food so I end up spending a butt load of money, especially now because with the baby I don't have time to shop multiple stores for deals and I definitely don't have time to cook everything from scratch. And then there is the factor of not being able to enjoy time with the kids on Easter morning and Christmas morning when I have to host because I am running around trying to get everything ready. Even though I don't like doing it, it is our obligation and we have always held up our end of the bargain- even when my husband was laid off, when I've been pregnant and when I've had bitty newborn babies. No excuses, we just suck it up and do it hoping someday someone else will get their act together and help out.

Boy, do I feel better getting all of that off of my chest! Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day, but if not I have a bottle of wine I will be cracking open...

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  1. I totally understand what you mean about it becoming an obligation, a chore...
    We have family dinner every Sunday, at someone else's house, and I always volunteer to make something but we always end up ordering pizza take out (I HATE PIZZA) because no one else can get their shit together.
    It's become a chore to go. We've had it at our house before but people overstay their welcome and then I don't get to bed 'til late when I've got the work the next morning bright and early. Blah.