Sunday, April 22, 2012

No More Money Down the Drain- Free Chicken Stock

See this chicken carcass? It has been stripped of it's meat and is now just a pile of unsavory parts.
I suppose most people would just throw it away and be done but I prefer to get my money's worth from my whole chickens.

This carcass will be added to the other carcasses that I have been saving in a bag in my freezer (sounds kind of creepy) along with carrots, onions and celery pieces leftover from various meal preps, all for the purpose of making homemade chicken stock.

Why pay for chicken stock at the store when you can easily make it at home with stuff you were going to throw away? And if the free part doesn't make you want to start making your own stock then how about it's way healthier than the store bought stuff and tastes way better.

So go ahead, start loading up your freezer with chicken carcasses. If anyone thinks that you're weird then tell them you won;t be sharing the spoils of your carcass hoarding with them.

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