Thursday, March 22, 2012

No More Money Down the Drain- Frugal Cologne/Perfume

Throwing Money Away
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My husband ran out of cologne recently so I did what I do best- bought him some online.

Cologne can be very expensive which is why I spend time comparing prices between perfume sites while also checking to see what coupons each site may have available as well as if there is any cash back to be had from Ebates. It seems like a lot of trouble but it's really not, especially considering how much money can be saved by just taking fifteen minutes or less for research.

The biggest way I save money is by buying him a tester version of his cologne. A tester is the same as the cologne you would buy at the store but it just doesn't include the cap. We don't mind this because we have a cap from a bottle I bought before I realized I was throwing money away by buying non-tester bottles. We keep the cap, put it on the new bottle and toss the old bottle. See, I can be pretty practical sometimes (not all of the time though because that would be boring).

Tonight I saved about $15 by buying the tester version and combining that with a coupon and free shipping. I paid about $35 for a 3.3 ounce bottle whereas the best price I could find for the same bottle (non-tester version) was about $50 with a coupon and free shipping.

$15 is definitely worth 15 minutes of research in my book, and I am one lazy lady most of the time. So save your perfume/cologne cap, buy a tester bottle and save some money.

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