Monday, March 19, 2012

Hand Me Downs Are Boring...

"clothes $3.00"
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Tonight I went through the huge bag of size 6-12 month clothing from my two year old daughter because my four month old baby is an elephant and is growing out of her 3-6 month clothing.

The bag had a lot of stuff in it- tons. Most of it is long sleeved shirts and pants which kind of made me happy. Why? Because that means I can buy new spring/summer clothing for Jilly Billy.

I am not a super wasteful person but I really do not like this whole passing my older daughter's clothing down to the younger one. I love buying my kids cute clothing- it is my vice. I don't dress super snazzy so I live out my fashion dreams through my children. Somehow pulling out clothes that I already saw worn is just so boring. I thought I would be excited seeing all of the clothing again but this was so anti climatic- like been there, done that.

Of course I am going to keep everything because I am sure between now and when Jilly outgrows 6-12 month clothing that she will need long sleeved shirts and pants but now I can go out and shop till I drop for new t-shirts, shorts and dresses. Don't worry, I won't spend too much because I'm cheap. Clearance with a coupon all the way for me!

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  1. I feel the same way with Casey! I have tons of hand me downs for him rarely does he get anything new but when we do go shopping for him its fun!