Friday, February 10, 2012

Target- Nothing Exciting Here

Up & Up Toddler Wipes $8.49 - $1.00 Target Coupon
Cheerios $2.84
Rice Krispies $2.99
Bush's Baked Beans $1.77
Natures Pride Whole Wheat Bread $2.54
Gold Medal White Whole Wheat Flour $3.64
4 lb Bag Oranges $2.99
1 lb Strawberries $3.44
Market Pantry Milk $3.39
Lenders Bagels $1.52
2 Minute Maid Orange Juice @ $2.89 each
2 Yoplait Kids Yogurt @ $1.89 each - $1/2 C
2 Simply GoGurt @ $2.59 each - $1/2 MC
2 Kraft Singles @ $3.04 each - $1/2 Target Coupon
Kraft String Cheese $4.74 - $1/3 Kraft MC (for snack @ son's school)
Bananas .96
Hello Kitty Ice Pack $6.59 
Scotch Glue Dots $4.59 (for son's Valentines cards)
Less $3.32 in Red Card savings

Total: $64.04

My budget for groceries, diapers, health and beauty items and cleaning supplies, etc. is $100 a week (Friday through Thursday). Today I spent about $53 so I still have $47 left. I plan on stocking up on split chicken breast at Whole Foods for $1.99 a pound and also may be picking up some things at the normal grocery stores if there are any good sales.

You can really tell that my shopping has changed so much from a year ago. Then I was all into the deals and getting stuff for free. Now that I have three kids my priorities have shifted. Deals are great but my time is worth more than spending lots of time hunting down deals and stockpiling like a mad woman. If my family needs food I'm buying it, coupon or not. If my kids want something healthy I'm buying it even if it's expensive and puts me over budget. I am also going to be slowly moving towards buying all of my meat from Whole Foods because lets face it, the stuff at the regular grocery does not taste as good. I am willing to pay more for good tasting food because it makes my job of cooking easier and when I sit down to eat I actually enjoy the food. 

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