Sunday, February 5, 2012

Revisiting My Budget

I am not one for being told what to do- I still feel like I am a rebellious teenager sometimes and when I am told to do something one way I automatically do it the complete opposite way.

This craziness also applies to me telling myself what to do.

I tried making a budget with separate categories for groceries, household items, diapers and pet stuff (not including vet appointments) because I told myself that it would be better for keeping spending in check. I tried listening to myself but now I am rebelling. I hate having all of those categories- some weeks I need more money in some categories and less money in others. I don't like entering in what I spent into my spreadsheet and having the numbers taunting me because I spent  too much on groceries while there is a small nest egg in the household or diapers category.

In an effort to streamline my life and get rid of little annoyances I am going to have a blanket amount for the above mentioned categories. As of right now it will be $100 per week- I think based on what I've been spending that this amount will suffice. If not I can always lower or raise it (most likely raise it because I have been a terrible deal stalker lately) because amongst other things, I am the CEO of my household and can do whatever I want.

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