Monday, February 6, 2012

Making Money Blogging

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I want to preface this post with the fact that I do not make boat loads of cash through blogging. I don't make boatloads of cash doing anything actually because stay at home moms don't really command high salaries (or any salaries for that matter).

But, with that said, I do sporadically make a little money here and there.

One such way I do this is through Social Spark. Basically, you sign up with them and then they email you leads for blog posts sponsors would like written. Once you have accepted a lead your interest is sent to the sponsor and they decide if they want you to write a post or not. If so then you write your post and once approved about 30 days later you get paid in your Social Spark account.

What I like about Social Spark is that you can choose what kind of content you feel comfortable writing about and are also compensated pretty well. In other words, you don't feel like a complete sell out as a blogger writing for them. The posts are also not overly complicated to write- you are given specific guidelines of what needs to be included. Believe me, if it were hard this taxed for time mommy would not be doing it.

Something I do want to interject here while talking about making money blogging is one of my pet peeves in the blogging world- I really despise it when bloggers do not disclose when they are making money or getting something in return for blog posts. I see this all of the time and I think it is so wrong. Here is a heads up- many times when you see links to products on Amazon, links to promotions, links to many coupon sites, etc. the blogger is making money when you click through that link.

I see nothing wrong with trying to make some money but how hard is it to let your readers know that you have affiliate links in your post? So next time a blogger is plugging a deal that your scratching your head thinking "that's not even that great of a deal, why are they posting it?" realize that they are probably getting paid to do so and have not provided you with the common courtesy of letting you know so.

Disclaimer: This post contains my affiliate link. See, how hard was that to let everyone know that I am getting something in return for my post?

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  1. This is my second time stumbling upon a post featuring this site… Have you tried looking for other similar sites? My friend actually knows one that she would surely recommend to you. :D