Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Look, I Can Be Frugal!

My daughter loves macaroni and cheese more than life its self. I only let her have it once in a great while, and when I do make it she could easily plow down a whole box by herself. Since I am a somewhat responsible parent I don't let her but then I always have at least half of the prepared macaroni and cheese leftover which ends up getting thrown away (my son doesn't like macaroni and cheese and I cannot have dairy plus I think saving the leftovers is just plain nasty).

Then I had an idea- why not split the box in half so I'm not wasting my money on half eaten food?

Basically, I just measure out half the ingredients to cook and put the other half of the pasta back into the box and the other half of the cheese mix into it's pouch. For anyone wondering- there are 5 ounces of pasta and 1 ounce of cheese mix in Annie's mac and cheese so I save 2.5 ounces of pasta and .5 ounces of mix for later. Then I tape up the cheese mix pouch, throw it into the box with the pasta and tape up the box where it waits patiently for my daughter's next mac and cheese bender.

See, I haven't totally fallen off of the frugal wagon!

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