Sunday, January 22, 2012


Toddler Slippers $2.98 (reg. $9.99)
Market Pantry Brown Rice .87
2 Motts Natural Applesauce @ $1.84 each
Country Kitchen Whole Wheat Bread $2.58
3 lb Bag Apples $3.59
1 lb Strawberries $3.44
5 Market Pantry Frozen Veggies @ $1.09 - $1/4 Target Coupon
2 Market Pantry Orange Juice @ $2.29 each
2 Gogurt @ $2.69 each - $1/2 MC
3 Market Pantry Fruit Cups @ $2.19 each - $1/3 Target Coupon
5 Healthy Choice Meals @ $1.98 each - $1.98 from sale - $1.98 Target Coupon - (2) $1/2 MC
Less $2.00 Red Card Savings

Total: $38.06
Saved 33%

I had a $5 gift card but I forgot to use it due to the fact that my baby was being a pain. I had to hold her the entire time in the store which I guess may have been somewhat good considering the fact that I didn't have time to look at clearance crap (except for the pair of slippers I snagged for my daughter). When I got home I realized that I should have gotten one Top Chef Healthy Choice meal to properly use the Target coupon I had - oops!

When I was in line trying to put my stuff on the belt while holding the baby a very nice man in front of me put everything on the belt for me. It really gives you hope for the human race when people do such kind things.

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  1. Aubrey was the same way she hated her car seat and even sitting in carriages for a long time..I used a wrap and a carrier with her it was my lifesaver! Plus I could put Trev in the cart at the time it was a pain in the ass to get everyone in and outta the car but it was worth it..Half the time she was sleeping or nursing and noone even knew