Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Target- Back Again...

Market Pantry Tortillas $2.39
Vienna Fingers Cookies $2.54 (treat for me- they're dairy free!)
Premium Saltines $2.54 (Target brand was cheaper but said "may contain milk")
Fresh Express Shreds $1.59
Polander All Fruit Jelly $2.14
Market Pantry Refried Beans .92
Tortilla Chips $1.89
Chi Chi's Salsa $2.84
Country Kitchen Whole Wheat Bread $2.58
Frappuccino 4-Pack $4.99 (hopefully these will stop my hubby from buying coffee)
Dial Soap 10-Pack $4.29 (my husband was sick of using Johnson's Buddies soap)
3 Bananas .72
Kre-O Set $8.79 - $8.00 MC
4 Market Pantry Frozen Veggies @ $1.09 each - $1/4 Target Coupon
4 Healthy Choice Meals @ $1.98 - $1.98 with store sale - (2) $1/2 MC - $1.98 Target Coupon
Healthy Choice Meal $2.25
Less $1.64 Red Card Savings
Less $5 gift card

Total: $31.32
Saved 45%

My husband randomly asked if we were going to have taco salad this week for dinner so I decided that today I would go buy the stuff we needed to make it.

My mom took my older kids for the day so it was just me and the baby. What a difference this trip was from Sunday's trip. I put her in the new baby carrier I bought and she slept the whole time I was shopping. It was wonderful- I didn't want to leave the store because she was sleeping so well but I am a housewife who has shit to do so I did leave. Right when I put her in her car seat she woke up and was really pissed off that I had the nerve to take her out of the carrier.


  1. Wow I was really liking your blog until you had to throw in the swear words. Not necessary. =/

  2. I liked your swear word :)

  3. Is that considered a swear? Then you would be horrified at how my kids speak ; )