Saturday, January 14, 2012

North Attleboro Toys R Us Bites...

LEGO @ Toys R Us VivoCity
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Last night night after dinner I ventured out to Toys R Us with my four year old son and 2 month old daughter (we left my two year old at home with my husband because her and toy stores don't mix well for my patience). I wanted to use my $25 in rewards and my son wanted to use the $50 gift card that my brother got him for Christmas. The baby came because it is supposedly easier to take her along because I'm breastfeeding and am too lazy to pump milk so that someone else can be stuck with her.

So, said baby decided that she was not going to peacefully nap in her car seat at the store which meant that I had to hold her the whole time. Not fun considering she is a chunky baby and my arms were getting tired. My son had tons of fun picking out what he wanted and ended up getting a bunch of stuff he didn't need and probably will forget about in a few days (he randomly got an Angry Birds umbrella- kids are weird). I bought a box of overpriced baby wipes and two boxes of overpriced nursing pads (on sale for buy one get one 50% off) with my rewards. I used to use reusable nursing pads but after my front loading washing machine at some of them I threw in the towel and decided that I would contribute to our Earth's supposed global warming crisis buy throwing more stuff in the trash.

At the register (they had only one open) I got stuck behind a woman arguing about the prices of some cheap ass Babies R Us brand clothes that my kids would not be caught dead in (I spend way less on Gap clothing for my kids which is way better quality because I shop ahead and pair sales with coupons). The baby was back in her car seat but started to cry. I kept popping the pacifier back in her mouth but after ten minutes she started getting pissed off at which time the wonderful employees decided to open another register because the line was getting very long (way to go Toys R Us employees- customers love seeing four people standing around talking to each other instead of one of the people opening up a register). At the register I had to take the baby out of her car seat to hold her because she was freaking out. We paid for our crap (I also scored three rolls of Spongebob wrapping paper for .40 cents each) and pulled up away from the registers so I could deposit the baby back into her seat. Once the screaming baby was buckled in I noticed that I forgot to pay for the little Lego set that my son wanted. I gave it back to the cashier to put back because I did not have time to wait back in line with a screaming baby. I felt really bad but I told my son that when we got home I would buy it online.

On the way home the baby was quiet but right when I pulled into the garage and turned the car off she was back to screaming. I was so annoyed- I would love to just once be able to go to the store sans baby so I could shop in peace. Even though I had just fed her before we left (we were only gone for a little over an hour) I sat on the couch and whipped out my boob to feed her again which finally made her quiet. While feeding her, because being a mom is all about multitasking even when you have a baby latched onto you, I went on the lap top to order my son's toy. We ended up getting him something better than the dinky little Lego truck and since I compared prices between Amazon and Toys R Us, I got a Streetz play set he wanted that came with a bonus set for $10 whereas the one play set was $14.99 at Toys R Us.

What did I learn from this trip to the toy store?
-I hate going into the actual Toys R Us store because I feel like I'm being ripped off the second I step foot in the door
-Toys R Us has terrible customer service; my husband also had a terrible experience when we did a store pick up at this particular store (North Attleboro, Ma) though I did a store pick up at the Dedham store and it was wonderful. I guess North Attleboro just sucks.
-My baby hates being in her car seat where my other two kids loved being in their car seat. This further cements my husband's theory that the baby is not his
-The Toys R Us near me is too close to some really crappy towns and draws a lot of trashy, rude people to it
-Toys R Us can be really overpriced so comparing prices is a must which means shopping on their website is five hundred million times better than shopping in the store
-I should just become a shut in because I hate going to stores- give me a lap top and credit card and I'm good to go
-My four year old son is such a delightful little boy sometimes; he was so good at the store and was just an all around sweetie-pie

The moral of the story is that I hate the Toys R Us in my town and will avoid it at all costs and that my baby is only happy when she's latched onto my breast. I have still have $25 in rewards to use but I figure I use them at Babies R Us which is a much nicer and happier place, plus I have to pick up the wipes I bought today so I can kill two birds with one stone and use them then.

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  1. Im so sorry your going through this your speaking my life a year ago I swear! It gets so much easier once the nursing is done, the 2 yr old is a little older and can be a help not pain in the ass...Stores suck Im learning to avoid them more and more!